Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle

One of Newcastle’s most unique entertainment experiences! Escape into a virtual world of aviation, where you will captain one of the most popular commercial airliners in the world.

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Experience Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle !

Escape into a virtual world of aviation, where you will captain and control one of the most popular commercial jet airliners in the world.


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Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle is a privately owned and operated flight simulator run by experienced pilots, and is based on the most commonly used passenger jetliner in the world.


"Absolutely fantastic and amazing experience. Excellent instructing."

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The Experience

All our team are experienced pilots and simulator pilots, they will guide you through the simulator flight.

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Truly Unforgettable Flight Experience

The team at Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle offer an amazing and truly unforgettable flight experience to suit the complete novice right up to experienced commercial pilots wishing to pass the Air Line Candidate Recruitment Assessment Check Flight.

Your flight will be conducted with an experienced instructor

Your instructor will be by your side to verbally guide you through the flight. They will also act as your First Officer so you can fill the role of Captain and pilot-in-command. This recreates a genuine multi-crew operations flight-deck to ensure you get an amazing and realistic experience to remember.

Choose from over 22,000 airports

To ensure maximum enjoyment you can choose from over 22,000 airports and you can even choose the time of day that you want to fly.  You can also choose weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain or snow.

Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
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