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The jet flight simulator was an incredible experience from beginning to end. For our 11 year old son and his best friend it offered him the chance to land and take off at his favourite English soccer League airport, and enjoy the feeling of an airline cockpit during takeoff and landing. Learning to turn and control the instruments was very interesting.
Anne Marie M
Thank you Darren for making the experience so wonderful 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻✈️. Very glad to have you guide & instruct a 66yo novice! I admire your skill as a pilot and how you managed to get me back on ground. I highly recommend this experience to anyone with an interest in flight Thank you
Phil M
Lots of fun, Just like the real thing , can never get enough.
John N (757 Captain Continental Airlines USA)N
Excellent! Great fun and would love to do it again
John R
Flight simmer for 8 yrs - a must to do boys
Greg M
Great fun, recommend to everyone
Terry H
Fabulous !!! will be back with friends and family
Joanna C
Great experience - everyone should do it
Richard H
Absolutely fantastic and amazing experience Excellent instructing
Shiralee B
Had a wonderful time, great instructor and friendly people to enjoy a flight simulation
Anuj A
We bought 3 passes for children ages 16, 14 and 12. All 3 children loved the event. They were taught some aspects of navigation and flight procedure. They chose their destination and included differences such as thunderstorm landings and night landings. Definitely great fun
Cherie W
What a fantastic facility and a patient instructor. Great fun and a glad to recommend to anyone who is interested in flying and landing a jet aircraft. Thank you.
Ron M
Very highly recommended as a ‘different’ type of gift or for the aviation enthusiast - you will not be disappointed!
David C
Best Ever Birthday Gift
Michael C
Worth Every cent! New respect for Pilots
Paul B
Freaking Awesome , A must for any aeroplane lover
Lewis C
Great Experience, glad I do not have to do this for a job - and the public is glad too
Dan H
Excellent! Very realistic, loved every second!
Jay M
A good landing, SAN FRAN Spectacular!
Paul S
Brings back great memories ILS was great
Paul C
Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
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