Most frequent questions and answers

Although the tickets are non-refundable, tickets purchased through our website are valid for 3 years…. or transferable to another person if you wish.

Of course !  Your pilot Instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the pilot flying during the experience.

No, most of our clients have never flown an aircraft before. We will show you how to control the aircraft, and guide you through the procedures real pilots go though in their flying.

The simulator is a so called Fixed Based Device which means it does not move.  However, customers often feel as if there is motion and ask if the simulator is moving. The visuals (banking, climbing and descending) give the impression of motion making the experience feel real.

Our simulator is a replica of a real airliner cockpit. It has all the instrumentation and navigation systems. It is in fact so real that pilots regularly come to us and use our simulators for their own training requirements.

Once you have purchased a ticket you can book directly from our website (Book Now) or by calling (02) 4929 7985.

So that you get maximum time flying we try to keep the briefing short, but depending on your interest this can be extended to fit your requirements and your experience.

One person flying per session unless stated otherwise. However, you can bring up to 4 people to watch… as “passengers”.

We invite young pilots from the age of 6 and over for our Flight Experiences.

Due to the confined space, and the unusual way that the pilot’s seat moves into position, we have to have a weight limit of 130 kg.

Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
Jet Flight Simulator Newcastle
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